Enjoy simply delicious gently cooked dishes - without electricity. Whenever, wherever! Cooking - steaming - frying - healthy cuisine has never been so simple ...



top quality

  • DeWok has a stylish look. DeWok is fun to use. And is extremely versatile.

  • DeWok can be used for healthy cooking, steaming, frying and blanching and is also a creative kitchen aid.

  • Alone, as a couple or together with others. It is quick and efficient.
    Because it works any time and anywhere. Without a socket. Without electricity.

  • Because Asian cuisine now tastes even better with German engineering skill, and is no longer confined to a fixed location.

  • Cooking with DeWok offers its user location and time-related flexibility in the preparation of healthy food.




  • DeWok exhibits a special constructive design, which enables it to deliver consistent temperatures during cooking.
    DeWok is extremely high quality and functional, because
    all the materials used are both exclusive and durable.

  • This is the only way you can be guaranteed of cooking
    your food gently, within a temperature range in which
    the undesirable bitter substances disappear.
    Whilst the valuable nutrients are retained.

  • If you choose DeWok, you benefit from a true quality product.
    DeWok combines reliability and stability with longevity.

  • Exclusive and resistant materials

  •  Made in Germany

  • TÜV-approved

  • Reliability & longevity

  •  A high level of safety and quality assurance

  • A team of specialists

  • Sustainability with DeWok




  • Finely chopped vegetables, meat and fish require just a few minutes to cook.
    This keeps the ingredients crispy, they have bite and retain
    most of their important nutrients and vitamins.
    A special aroma that can only be produced in a wok.

  • Diverse cuisine and a constant choice of new dishes will leave you hungry for flavour and indulgence.

  • DeWok cuisine tastes simply sublime.




  • Fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods, exotic aromas –
    the culinary culture of Asia delights connoisseurs around the world.

  • Frying in a wok is modern, and much more importantly – healthy.

  • DeWok is a new revolutionary invention for the flexible preparation of dishes.

  • Healthy and gentle cooking due to perfect temperatures

  • Crispy vegetables and juicy meat, due to perfect cooking times

  • Cooking with DeWok keeps you fit and trim

  • Ingredients release their full and typical flavour

  • Rich with nutrients, vitamins, valuable minerals and trace elements

  • Simple and optimum food preparation

  • Foods retain their flavour

  • Almost no weight loss during food preparation



  • For DeWok, sustainable design means well-developed products.

  • Natural materials such as wood, granite, metal and packaging
    are largely untreated and can be cleaned with ease,
    and are also a clean solution for the environment. 



 On the next road trip, you’ll Want to take a longer break!Here today, there tomorrow. 

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