On the next road trip, you’ll want to take a longer break!

Here today, there tomorrow. Your life is one long journey. You love being out and about, and watching life go by through the windscreen of your old VW camper van. And when hunger strikes you simply stop anywhere, get out your DeWok and cook yourself something delicious to eat. Entirely without power. That’s the taste of freedom.



 Kick back on the
comfy sofa!

Working day over. Finally back home. Work clothes off, quickly into something cosy and settled on the sofa. Now just start up the wok and toss in the fresh ingredients. And dinner is ready. Simply healthy, simply delicious. Now switch on the box…
Watch your favourite series and enjoy your meal.
What a perfect evening…



 The way to the heart
is through the stomach!

A romantic fondue at home by candlelight to the sound of soft rock? How boring! Nowadays, anyone who wants to win over their queen of hearts simply invites HER up to the roof terrace for some wok cooking together. And treats her to an evening she won’t quickly forget. Why?
Because DeWok can be the start of everything.



 Something different at break time for a change!

Fed up with pizza, pasta, chips every day? You fancy something light and healthy at lunchtime for once? No problem! Simply grab your DeWok and cook your own food. Amazingly fast, amazingly tasty, amazingly healthy. Be it in the office, on a park bench, on the grass nearby or on the low wall outside your office. With your DeWok you’ll be fit and ready to face the day’s challenges once more.



 No one stays hungry
when out fishing!

You and your son – a sworn team!
You love your hours spent on the bank,
gazing at the water and enjoying the peace and quiet together. And even if no fish take the bait today, you won’t go home hungry – because you’ve got your DeWok with you.
And that’s a good thing. For the fish too.



 Wok cooking together with good friends!

What could be better than hanging out in the garden, celebrating life with close friends?

Not much… apart from enjoying a DeWok party in the garden with friends and cooking up some of the most amazing culinary delights together. Surrounded by greenery.
Quick, simple, delicious and healthy. How cool is that…

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